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We are pleased to carry on a long and proud tradition of providing law school students with free information and support throughout their studies. LexisNexis provides Canadian law school students, faculty, and librarians with free access to superior online legal content coupled with free, high-quality training and support. Law school users receive Quicklaw® access at no cost to the institution.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Quicklaw continues to be Canada's leading online legal research service.

The Quicklaw service makes research easier, more flexible, more efficient, and more precise. Customized options help students target the information that matters specifically to their needs, helping them succeed in their studies. Quicklaw offers the most relevant information from the most comprehensive range of sources available. Content includes Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, The Canada Digest, Forms & Precedents, as well as court and tribunal decisions, legislation, exclusive current awareness sources, expert commentary, law journals, U.S. and international sources, news and business content, the Canadian Legal Words & Phrases case finder, and both the QuickCITE® Case Citator and the QuickCITE® Statute Citator.

If you're a student, use Quicklaw to access the information you need to prepare for class, research an assignment, or study for exams. By using Quicklaw and attending free training sessions at your school, in one of our offices, or via the Internet, you will gain professional legal research skills that will help you find a job once you graduate.

If you’re a professor or law librarian, please visit our page for faculty and librarians.

Our Customer Support team is available seven days per week to provide you with free user ID and password, research, and technical assistance. If you're new to Quicklaw, register today.

The Quicklaw service gives you access to Canada’s most comprehensive online legal research service — offering a wealth of information that will help you complete assignments, study for exams, and get fully prepared for class... [ More ]

User IDs and Passwords

NEW Students, Faculty and Librarians:
If you are a new student, you will receive your user ID and password from the university either in your welcome package, through the library, or at one of your classes. If you are a new faculty member or librarian, please obtain your ID by contacting your law librarian or by contacting our Customer Support team at 1-800-387-0899 or service@lexisnexis.ca.

RETURNING Students, Faculty and Librarians:
If you are a returning student, faculty member or librarian, you do not need to obtain a new ID every year. If you have lost or forgotten your ID, your password or both, please go to the Quicklaw sign-in page at www.lexisnexis.com/ca/legal and use the Forgot Your ID? and Forgot Your Password? links. You can also contact Customer Support at 1-800-387-0899 or service@lexisnexis.ca.

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Find out about training being offered at your law school, or contact the LexisNexis representative responsible for your school... [ More ]

The following reference materials will assist you in your law school assignments throughout your law school years and beyond... [ More ]

From your first year of law school until the day you graduate, LexisNexis helps you develop the legal research skills you will use in your profession.... [ More ]

LexisNexis is pleased to carry on a long and proud tradition of providing law school students with free information and support throughout their studies.... [ More ]


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