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Frank Bennett

Frank Bennett
Founder, Bennett & Company

Frank Bennett, L.S.M., LL.M., specializes in bankruptcy, receivership and insolvency law, and is the founder of the Toronto firm Bennett & Company, Bankruptcy Law in Toronto. He is the past Chair of the provincial and national Bankruptcy and Insolvency sections of the CBA, a former member of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Advisory Committee to Industry Canada, and a lecturer. He writes frequently on the subjects of creditors' and debtors' rights and remedies, receivership, and bankruptcy, and is the author of Bennett on Bankruptcy Precedents, 3rd Edition, 2018Bennett on Bankruptcy 22nd Edition, 2020Bennett on the Commercial List, 2nd Edition, 2015 and Bennett on the PPSA (Ontario), 3rd Edition, all published by LexisNexis Canada Inc.

 We asked Frank about his background, practice and the challenges that he faces.

“The legal industry can give you that practice if you work hard and specialize in an area. It’s more difficult today than it was back then because the number of lawyers in Ontario has increased dramatically. The approach has always been to work for clients and do your very best and accomplish what they expect from a lawyer.”



Practice Trends

Justice Adapting: A National Legal COVID-19 Webinar Series

As COVID-19 events impacted how the law is practiced and how cases are heard (remotely) in court, LexisNexis Canada developed the Justice Adapting webinar series to cover the current legal landscape from three angles: courts, practitioners and law societies. This national webinar series includes 14 jurisdictional sessions, where incredibly timely information and insights were shared during panel discussions, that are relevant to a lawyer’s daily practice. Panelists include Chief Justices, senior leaders from Canadian law societies, and notable lawyers.



Keep up on Coronavirus with LexisNexis

To help Canadian legal professionals manage the evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, Practical Guidance has developed Coronavirus Guidance for Canada, featuring select content that addresses emerging issues related to coronavirus across a variety of practice areas.



A post COVID-19 shift: How will the pandemic change the Canadian legal industry?

We invite lawyers from across the country to participate in a confidential survey. The results will be widely communicated to raise awareness of how the legal profession is predicted to change in the near future.  The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete, and you may choose to be entered in a draw for a chance to win a $350 Bestbuy.ca gift card!



Featured Area of Practice: Commercial Law

Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® NetLetter: Commercial Law

Download a free copy of this NetLetter which provides comprehensive coverage of all the significant new Canadian common law court decisions on commercial law. This is a part of monthly current awareness service to Lexis Advance Quicklaw subscription.

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Free Practical Guidance Commercial Law Checklist:

Topic: Coronavirus and Force Majeure Checklist

This checklist provides guidance on issues and measures counsel should consider when determining the applicability of the coronavirus with respect to force majeure clauses in your clients’ commercial contracts.


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Bennett on Bankruptcy, 22nd Edition, 2020 + Companion Volume + E-Book PDF

The new edition continues to be a reliable and practical guide, and serves as your quickest reference to the substantive law in this area

By  Frank Bennett (Author)

Published: April 06, 2020


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