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Why become a LexisNexis Canada author?

Increase your reputation and credibility in your field by writing for one of the world’s most widely recognized information and services solutions companies

By publishing with LexisNexis Canada, you will join the ranks of a global network of the world’s most highly regarded authors in their field. Publishing with LexisNexis Canada one of the best ways to establish, increase, and leverage your reputation and authority in your field.

Your work will become part of a vast catalogue of highly regarded publications, with the opportunity to cross-promote and feature your work in the world’s most widely relied upon legal research platforms and products, increasing its discoverability, utility, and your professional profile

By publishing with LexisNexis Canada, your work will become part of a vast catalogue of publications relied upon by legal professionals across Canada and internationally. Given LexisNexis Canada’s market-leading range of vital information and powerful tools for all kinds of legal professionals, you will also have the opportunity in integrate your work into the world’s most widely relied upon legal research platforms, such as LexisNexis® Practice Advisor and Quicklaw Advance. LexisNexis Canada also publishes The Lawyers Daily, an exclusive real-time news platform with articles and features. Becoming a LexisNexis Author can provide referral opportunities to be featured in the Lawyers Weekly, which can increase your own professional profile and your work’s exposure.

Your work will be professionally, edited, typeset, and bound with a professionally designed cover, contributing to the professional quality and look of your work

LexisNexis Canada works with talented editors and designers who take their time to ensure that your work is of the highest quality. Your work will look professional and authoritative in either our softbound or hardbound formats.

Your work and profile will be professionally marketed and promoted to target audiences, increasing your profile and credibility with the right markets

LexisNexis Canada invests significantly in digital marketing initiatives, allowing us to target your work to the markets that need it most. Google shopping ads, dynamic retargeting, social media, and our fully upgraded e-commerce store which receives over 15,000 visitors a month are just some of the ways in which writing for LexisNexis can increase your exposure, and get your work into the hands that need it most. LexisNexis is also able to assist with book launches and events where requested.

Your will contribute to the rule of law by sharing your knowledge and expertise

At LexisNexis Canada, we have a strong mandate to do our part to contribute to the Rule of Law in Canada, which includes transparency of and accessibility to the law. By publishing with LexisNexis, you will contribute to making the law more accessible and transparent to the public. You will help the legal profession serve the public more effectively, help students learn about the law, and help members of the public understand legal issues with greater clarity than before.       

It’s a quick and simple process

Publishing with LexisNexis is simple.  Simply follow LexisNexis’ Author Guidelines and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable Content Development team will guide you through the process of bringing your text from your computer to the legal market. You can expect to see your work published as fast as 3-4 months of submitting your manuscript.