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Lexis Advance Quicklaw: Immigration Law

A thorough collection of exclusive case digests that includes:

  • Canada Administrative Law Digest
  • Canada Immigration Digest
  • Harper Grey Administrative Law Digests
  • LexisNexis® Immigration Law Digests

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, including:

  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Administrative Law (Régimbald)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Immigration and Citizenship (Waldman)

A selection of exclusive commentary and insights, forms, precedents, and content including:

  • Administrative Law in Canada (Blake)
  • Canadian Immigration & Refugee Law Practice (Waldman)
  • Canadian Federal Courts Practice (Hughes, Renaud and Horne)
  • Canadian Extradition Law Practice (Botting)
  • Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws
  • Immigration Law and Practice
  • Recours et procédure devant les Cours fédérales (Letarte)
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst)
  • Sullivan on the Construction of Statutes


A complete overview of the grounds of inadmissibility and the process used to determine inadmissibility to Canada.

Inadmissible to Canada, 2nd Edition serves as an indispensable manual for immigration lawyers and consultants of all experience levels, as well as immigration law students.

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