Insurance Law Content

Lexis Advance Quicklaw: Insurance Law

A thorough collection of exclusive case digests that includes:

  • Canada Contracts Digest
  • Canada Insurance Law Digest
  • Carlson Personal Injury Quantum of Damages Digests
  • Harper Grey Insurance Law Digests

Halsbury’s® Laws of Canada, including:

  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Contracts (Swan, Adamski)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Insurance (Legal Editorial Staff of LexisNexis)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Legal Profession (Sossin, Adamski)
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Canada - Medicine and Health (Ferdinand)

A selection of exclusive commentary and insights, forms, precedents, and content including:

  • Aviation Liability Law
  • Canadian Contract Law (Swan)
  • Canadian Insurance Law Reporter
  • Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws
  • Expert Evidence
  • General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law (Billingsley)
  • Insurance Bad Faith (Hilliker)
  • Insurance Companies Act - Legislation and Commentary
  • Liability Insurance Law in Canada (Hilliker)
  • Ontario Accident Benefit
  • Ontario Insurance Law and Commentary (Teitelbaum)
  • Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Practice Manual
  • Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada (Bryant, Lederman, Fuerst)


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