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Personal Injury lawyers will find relevant content in the Civil Litigation module.

Practical Guidance
Personal Injury Module

Tailored for the insurance defence and personal injury law practitioner with content provided from some of the most prominent experts in the field. With individual modules for each of Ontario and British Columbia, a variety of topics are covered such as Motor Vehicle Accidents, Occupiers’ Liability, Commercial and Social Host Liability and Long-Term Disability. The topics are highlighted in the realm of Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, and Statutory Accident Benefits.

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Benefits from this module

Content you get

Specialized Content

  • Carlson: Personal Injury Quantum of Damages
  • Medical Resources
  • Pleadings and Motions Gallery Toolkits

Featured Topics

  • Mediation
  • Trials
  • Expert Evidence
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Defence focused content

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Time management is critical to success. Lawyers who use Practical Guidance will immediately benefit from the comprehensive information and precedents provided.

Jim Vigmond, Oatley Vigmond

Practical Guidance contains valuable information for the newest associate to the seasoned veteran. From cases small to large, Practical Guidance will make any user a better and more efficient lawyer.

John McLeish, McLeish Orlando

The learning process never ends no matter how experienced you are. I am privileged to share my experience in personal injury law through Practical Guidance and benefit from the expertise of my colleagues across the country.

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