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LexisNexis Canada contributions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

LexisNexis Canada is endeavoring to deliver legal news, analysis, and other key resources specifically geared to support your decision-making and counsel on COVID-19 matters. Below are some helpful resources relating to the COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. Law360 Canada News & Analysis on COVID-19
    In this moment of fluid change and uncertainty, it’s important that the legal community have unrestricted access to important information. Law360 Canada is therefore providing free access to its breaking news and analysis related to COVID-19.


  2. Lexis Practice Advisor Coronavirus Guidance for Canada
    To help Canadian legal professionals manage the evolving novel coronavirus crisis, Lexis Practice Advisor has developed coronavirus Guidance for Canada, featuring content that addresses emerging issues related to coronavirus across a variety of practice areas.


LexisNexis Canada Releases Lexis® for Microsoft Office®

The introduction of Lexis for Microsoft Office helps legal professionals embrace efficiency: draft, review and research in the Microsoft tools you use every day.

Create customizable Tables of Authorities - what used to be a time-consuming task can be accomplished quickly and efficiently within seconds with the TOA builder.

Convert PDFs - turn PDFs into Word documents with just a couple of clicks. Check opposing counsel arguments in a matter of minutes.

Validate your work - access the renowned QuickCITE Citations Service as you write, and make sure your citation formats are correct too.


Product Updates

Access key content faster with Explore Pod

The LexisNexis Product Team endeavors to make you more efficient. Recent upgrade to the Explore Content pod on Lexis Advance Quicklaw’s main Content page facilitates faster and simpler access to key content. This provides a more intuitive legal research experience, saving you time and brings valuable content & tools to the forefront.


Confidently generate drafts with Smart Forms

Our new Smart Forms for Lexis Practice Advisor will guide you through the document creation process to help generate first drafts quickly and with confidence. Lower the amount of time spent manually drafting, and free up your time to do high-value legal work.


Tips & Tricks

Are you making the most of everything Lexis Advance Quicklaw has to offer?

For every edition of The Cognizance, we will be showcasing a series of features on the platform.

Locus Para
Avoid wasting time combing through the case for the correct reference, and promptly assess the strength of the cite. With one click, Locus Para links you directly from a QuickCITE (note up) record to the precise paragraph where the case was cited.


Research Map
Visualize your previous 30 days of research activity with the Research Map graphical view. This step by step capture of prior research history allows you to pick up where you left off and uncover new results, without spending additional time retracing your steps.


Want to practice your skills?

Take advantage of our complimentary training options. All training provided by a LexisNexis instructor is accredited for CLE/CPD in all jurisdictions in Canada in which CLE/CPD is required.


Interesting Reads

Legal publications with trusted insight and expert analysis

LexisNexis has a long publishing history, providing comprehensive content written by leading Canadian and international legal experts.

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With each issue of The Cognizance you will gain access to a list of titles at a discounted price. Maintaining this issue's theme of law practice management efficiency, consider this list of essential titles.

Lawyers’ Professional Liability, 4th Edition
Lawyers' Ethics and Professional Regulation, 3rd Edition
Halsbury's Laws of Canada – Legal Profession (2017 Reissue)
Understanding Lawyers' Ethics in Canada, 2nd Edition
The Law of Professional Regulation


Stay updated and accurate with Law360 Canada

Law360 Canada provides legal news, analysis, and current awareness for the law community in Canada helping you stay updated.

Here are some NEW helpful articles that will prove to be helpful during these uncertain times:

Legal industry facing sea change | Joan Rataic-Lang
New work from home reality an opportunity for law firms | Andrea Lekushoff
Quebec allowing notaries to sign documents remotely during pandemic but issues remain
Courts can learn to modernize through COVID-19 crisis, experts say
Access to Justice: Justice in the time of social distancing | Beverley McLachlin


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  3. BlockChain Webinar | Learn about the Revolution of Blockchain and In-House Counsel.
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