Lexis Advance Quicklaw Update
Winter 2017-2018

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New Feature – Legislation Full Version View

This exciting new feature allows the researcher to view Legislation documents as a whole. That is, it allows for viewing an entire act. On Lexis Advance Quicklaw sections of acts are chunked at a provision level which allows researchers to retrieve a specific section of an act. Researchers viewing an individual legislative provision have indicated that they want to see it in the context of the larger enactment. This feature provides a view for legislation that dynamically pins together and displays multiple individual documents/provisions as a single document in a PDF format. Making it easy for researchers to view, print, and download an entire act.

Cases and Legislation Advanced Search Form
NEW Ability to Display/Hide Additional Segments (Fields)

Our Cases and Legislation Advanced Search Forms have been enhanced to add an Additional Segments/Fields option. With this enhancement, popular segments (fields) are displayed as a default, and less frequently used segments (fields) are hidden under Additional Segments until needed. Once a researcher opts-into viewing the Additional Segments they will remain visible throughout the session unless the researcher opts to collapse the hidden segments.

Enhancement to Official Title Segment in Legislation Advanced Search Form

The Legislation Advanced Search Form has been enhanced making it easier for researchers to quickly locate an Act using the Official Title Segment.

You Spoke, We Listened – Based on Your Feedback

First-Time Guidance for International Content Sharing

In response to customer feedback, when a researcher signs on to Lexis Advance Quicklaw for the first time, he/she will see a prompt in the Big Red Search Box which hovers over the Canadian flag. This prompt is designed to provide guidance with regard to where/how to locate International Content using the flag system on Lexis Advance Quicklaw.

Updated Icon for the Update Citator Signals Feature

The icon for the Update Citation Signals feature used on Lexis Advance Quicklaw has been updated throughout.

Assisted Search Option

In response to customer feedback, the former Advance Search option has been renamed Assisted Search. This will aid the researcher in differentiating between the Assisted Search and the Advanced Search.

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