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Criminal Law Practice Area Page - Redesign

We are delighted to announce the redesign of our Criminal Law Practice Area Page. The launch of this redesign was based on your feedback and with your participation in our collaborative user experience design sessions.

We are beginning the launch of the newly designed pages with the Criminal Law Practice Area Page and expect to release the remaining Practice Area Pages over the course of the next several months. We are always interested in your feedback. Please feel free to contact us through customer support, product adoption and learning or the Feedback link located under the More menu.

Easier Access to Secondary Materials

The new design allows users to have quicker access to our vast collection of secondary materials and have better at-a-glance view of our prominent titles.

The intermediate page that previously prompted user to select between Browse Sources and Search Sources has been streamlined into one consolidated new page and no longer requires the use of this additional click-through.

From the practice area page you can easily navigate to the Table of Contents of the titles under Secondary Materials.

Browser Bookmarked Practice Area Pages

If you had previously saved the practice area page as a bookmark in your browser, you will need to re-save the new page.

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