Get Cited Docs
Validate cases with greater efficiency

Validate the cite without leaving your draft

Use Get Cited Docs to access QuickCITE case citation records from within the context of your document. This tool highlights legal citations and corresponding QuickCITE signal indicators found in your document. Validate cited sources by clicking on highlighted citations to access QuickCITE information from Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® content.

Cited cases appear in the right-hand pane next to your document draft, allowing you to remain in the context of your work — saving time and eliminating unnecessary printing. Also, ensure citations are accurate and up to date while finding additional on-point authority.

QuickCITE case citation records enable you to validate the authority of your cases and provide comprehensive case history and treatment coverage necessary to assess the strength of cases. It offers fast, accurate, and extensive coverage of the most recent cases. Supreme Court of Canada decisions, including all cases cited by the Court, are processed the day of their release.