The Online Legal Research Evolution

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I have worked in editorial operations for almost 33 years. When I began we worked on dummy terminals, and I thought it was amazing I could send messages to people from Halifax to Vancouver and get almost instant replies. Now, we are connected and work with teams around the world.

The platforms have evolved provided greater feature / functionality but there has also been an explosion of content during this time. We have built significant board and tribunal sources, added legislation sources and significantly backdated the judgments sources. We also created new products like Canada Digest, QuickCITE, the Quantum sources, Halsbury’s Laws of Canada and have added many legal texts to the online platform. I am sure that I am forgetting many more accomplishments.

Margaret Palmer Data Analyst with LexisNexis Canada

I remember first using Quicklaw for legal research in 2005 for tax related topics. I found it quite easy to navigate the resource to find information. It eventually turned into Advance Quicklaw with advanced features like faster searching, easy navigation, simplified search options, and Advanced search forms. To name a few that are of help and interest to me - Explore Content to limit searches to a group of sources, Practice Areas to focus searches to specific areas of law, the federated search box across the top to search across all or specific content, Quantums search on specific topics and the ability to apply restrictions using filters.

Geeta Thachil Manager of Judicial Library Services, Ontario Ministry of Attorney General - Toronto

Éditrice juridique passée chez Quicklaw mais maintenant et depuis toujours une utilisatrice de LexisNexis Advance Quicklaw, j’ai eu le privilège de constater depuis les premières loges la concrétisation d’une idée novatrice aujourd’hui devenue un outil incontournable de la recherche juridique. La vision du professeur Lawford d’élever l’utilisation de la technologie afin qu’elle devienne au service de la pratique juridique m’a permis de me forger une carrière en technologies juridiques autrefois inimaginable. En effet, cet avènement technologique dans le secteur de la recherche juridique a pavé le chemin d’entrée de beaucoup d’autres innovations dont le milieu juridique regorge mais dont les standards ont toujours été inspirés par le design du professeur Lawford d’un outil convivial, regroupant en un seul endroit, toutes les sources dont le juriste a besoin. Bravo et 50 fois merci pour toutes ces opportunités.