Lexis Advance® Quicklaw® Update
June 2020

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New COVID-19 Legal Topics

We are pleased to announce the release of new COVID-19 related Legal Topics on Lexis Advance© Quicklaw© across multiple practice areas. Run searches or create alerts on these topics to monitor the impacts of the pandemic on matters such as custody and access, bail and interim release, sentencing, remote hearings and urgent matters under COVID-19, force majeure, and more.

Civil Procedure

  • Common Law > General principles > Practice directions and notices > Urgent matters under COVID-19
  • Common Law > Remote hearings and proceedings
  • Québec > Principes directeurs > Code de procédure civile (25 à 28 C.p.c.) > Moyens technologiques appropriés (26 C.p.c.) > Audiences et procédures virtuelles
  • Québec > Principes directeurs > Code de procédure civile (25 à 28 C.p.c.) > Procédure en cas d’état d’urgence


  • Common Law > Terms > Express terms > Force Majeure
  • Québec > Exécution des obligations (1553 à 1636 C.c.Q.) > Manquement > Exonération > Force majeure (art. 1693 C.c.Q.)

Criminal Law

  • Compelling appearance, detention and release > Judicial interim release or bail (515 to 526 Cr.C.) > COVID-19
  • Sentencing (716 to 751.1 Cr.C.) > Sentencing considerations (718 to 718.3 Cr.C.) > COVID-19

Family Law

  • Common Law > Child protection > Circumstances > COVID-19
  • Common Law > Custody and access > Considerations > COVID-19
  • Québec > Garde et droit d’accès > Éléments à considérer > COVID-19

Health Law

  • Common Law > Public health > Infectious disease control > Pandemics and epidemics > COVID-19
  • Québec > Santé publique > État et mesures d’urgence
  • Québec > Santé publique > Prévention et contrôle des maladies infectieuses > Pandémies et épidémies > COVID-19

Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Law

  • Common Law > Workplace health and safety > Employee rights > Refusal to do dangerous work
  • Common Law > Workplace health and safety > Unsafe working conditions > COVID-19
  • Québec > Santé et sécurité du travail > Employeur > Obligations > Organisation du travail et techniques sécuritaires > COVID-19

You may also be interested in existing legal topics that support COVID-19 searches. Combine these topics with COVID-19 related keywords (such as COVID-19, novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2) to retrieve relevant content or set up an alert to ensure you are notified as soon as new content relating to the selected topic is added online. A sample of these topics includes:


  • Common Law > Performance and discharge > Frustration

Employment Law

  • Common Law > Discipline and termination of employment > Layoffs
  • Québec > Contrat de travail > Résiliation et interruption > Licenciement
  • Québec > Contrat de travail > Résiliation et interruption > Mise à pied

Health Law

  • Common Law > Hospitals and health care facilities > Liability
  • Québec > Établissements de santé > Responsabilité hospitalière

Insurance Law

  • Common Law > Risk > Exclusions

Labour Law

  • Common Law > Labour relations > Employees > Layoffs
  • Québec > Relations de travail > Licenciement
  • Québec > Relations de travail > Mise à pied

Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Law

  • Québec > Santé et sécurité du travail > Travailleur > Droits > Droit de refus

The Legal Topics feature is a fantastic tool which allows the researcher to search for content which focuses on specific legal concepts set out in the classification scheme. Legal Topics can be accessed from via the following:

  1. In the top left corner of the screen select Browse, and then select Topics.
  2. Choose the Canada Flag, and then follow the prompts to select the topic and sub-topics you are interested in. 
  3. As you click on each Legal Topic, an Actions for option appears which allows you to:
    1. Get documents – retrieves documents indexed with the Legal Topic
    2. Add topic as a search filter – adds the Legal Topic as a filter, and allows you to search within the Legal Topic.
    3. Create a topic alert – allows you to create a Legal Topic alert and get notified when new documents dealing with the selected topic are loaded online.

Enhancement to autosuggest (wordwheel) algorithm

We are excited to introduce an improved matching algorithm to autosuggest (wordwheel).  Some of the benefits of this new algorithm are:

  • Document titles suggested are better aligned with user keywords
  • Improved support on matching common abbreviations utilized by the user​
  • Suggestions in the wordwheel are resilient to misspellings ​
  • French/English document alignment based on the user interface when document is available in both languages (i.e. SCC decisions)

This enhancement will be made available on limited release and will be released slowly to our users.

Enhancement to Delivery of Case Summaries

We have introduced an enhancement to the delivery of case summaries to enable users to print/email/download our most thorough case summaries… our Canadian Case Summaries, formerly known as the Dominion Report Service. This option will be the default when researchers have executed a search through our Big Red Search Box, Cases Advance Search and post-filtered to Case Summaries.   Customers will be able to change this to a different reporter by choosing Selected Documents tab in the Delivery Dialogue.

Source Information Now Available in Post-Filters

Users interested in learning the scope of information included in a particular source will now have an easier time doing so with the introduction of source information in post-filters!

Users will also have an easier time identifying what content is no longer updated with the introduction of the archived symbol to post-filters!


We are very excited to bring to you our new content collection – PLEADINGS, MOTIONS AND FACTA!

Learn More!

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