Practical Guidance

The following "PG General Terms" govern your use of the Practical GuidanceSM Canada services (the "PG Service") and the materials available therein ("Materials") made available by LexisNexis Canada Inc. ("LNC").

The terms "Subscriber", "you" and "your" in uppercase or lowercase shall mean the entity, (e.g., company, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, etc.), or government agency entering into a Subscription Agreement with LNC. The "Subscription Agreement" shall consist of these PG General Terms and the standard, transactional rates applicable to you (the "Price Schedule"). Subscriber may view and print the General Terms for Online Services at, which are incorporated by reference into the PG General Terms.

The PG Service may contain links to materials available in other services offered by LN ("Online Services"). If such links are available, access to and use of the Online Services and will be charged in accordance with your Subscription Agreement for such Online Services or, if not covered by a valid Subscription Agreement, this Price Schedule.

2. User Obligations specific to the PG Service

2.1 Use of the PG Service by Subscriber and Authorized Users (defined in the General Terms for Online Services) is limited to research purposes only in support of Subscriber's traditional practice of law. Subscriber is responsible for the appropriate use and adaption of LN Materials for its own use and in the provision of advice and services to your clients or potential clients.

2.2 Subscriber must inform any users of Practical Guidance on your behalf that neither LN nor LN's staff are giving legal advice either as practicing solicitors or barristers or otherwise.

2.3 Subscriber agrees to maintain adequate and appropriate professional indemnity insurance in relation to any professional services it provides that rely on Practical Guidance or incorporate any of the Materials.

3. Disclaimers specific to the PG Service

Subscriber recognizes and accepts that:

(a) The Materials are provided for reference purposes only and are not intended, nor should they be used, as a substitute for professional advice or judgment or to provide legal advice with respect to particular circumstances. While reasonable efforts are made to keep the Materials up to date, you should obtain independent verification or advice before relying upon any piece of information in circumstances where loss or damage may result; and

(b) LN is NOT a law firm; LN does not represent or advise clients in any matter and are not bound by the professional responsibilities and duties of a practicing lawyer. Nothing in Practical Guidance, or the Materials or in the Agreement nor any receipt or use of Practical Guidance, shall be construed or relied on as advertising or soliciting to provide any legal services, creating any solicitor-client relationship or providing any legal representation, advice or opinion whatsoever on behalf of LN or our staff.